Some letters supporting Drexel are misleading

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Recent letters in favor of Drexel University have had misleading statements about the Sierra Club’s position on the blueprint. Claims have been made that we supported the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) blueprint and are now reversing ourselves in opposing the university. In fact, we have never endorsed the blueprint map. We did support the blueprint smart-growth principles, such as those encouraging compact growth and transit. However, the blueprint map anticipated a 40-year footprint for growth that did not take into account the need to protect agricultural land and habitat. Its’ long reach into rural areas invited disconnected leapfrog development, of which the university is a prime example. Cities and counties ignore the blueprint or tout their consistency with it, depending on the project. Placer County is adept at this, having no qualms about approving a low-density version of Placer Vineyards over the high-density blueprint version, then touting their adherence to the blueprint when they approved the university project in a location that should not have seen development for decades, if ever. It is a shame that what began with such good intentions is now put to such cynical use. Barbara Williams, chairwoman, Mother Lode Chapter, Sierra Club Fair Oaks