Soldier rampage is atrocious, no excuses please

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With all due respect to our country’s military and its leaders, it’s time to stop making excuses for those few rogue soldiers who, against their orders, their training and just plain common sense, commit horrible atrocities on helpless civilians in the name of honor and justice for the people of the United States. There is no honor or justice in killing and mutilating innocent people. True, war and armed conflict puts extreme stress on all people involved, military and civilian. But let us not forget that our military today is not made up of draftees but of people who enlisted in the military as a career path. This was the type of life they chose to live. Just as our police and firefighters choose career paths that are full of stress and danger, so do the members of our military. Yet if a policeman or fireman were to commit such atrocities, there would be no question as to their deserving punishment and condemnation for their actions. This latest incident is just one of many that have been reported over the last 10 years of combat in the Middle-East theaters, yet seldom, if ever, have the military high commanders in charge of the individuals who did the deeds been taken to task and made to answer for their failure to prevent these types of events from recurring. It’s time for the brass to step up and take responsibility to change the attitude and conditions that allow these incidents to continue to happen. Bob Petrauschke, Lincoln