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It?s time for temporary Assessor Spears to stop campaigning and explain to the taxpayers of Placer County why she continues to allow Macquarie Capital Inc to not be taxed on their ownership of the solar panels at the Placer County?s Juvenal Detention facility. Last year we learned that Supervisor?s Uhler and Weygandt had their own company awarded a non-competitive, non-advertised, contract to sell solar panels to the County. They also arranged to have the county pay their company monthly electric bills for the power produced from the county owned panels. That incestuous deal, for property tax purposes, was conveniently ?missed? by Uhler and Weygandt?s handpicked Assessor Spears. Temporary Assessor Spears appears to have learned well from her dismally defective predecessor on how to provide cover for the ?good old boys.? The generous terms on which the county earns $1.00/Yr rent for a possessory interest in its land was enrolled on the property tax roll without penalties. Public outcry to reveal this under-handed dealing forced temporary Assessor Spears to go against the wishes of her ?handlers;? Uhler and Weygandt. The temporary Assessor has not assessed the entire ownership of the solar panels to Macquarie Capital Investment Bank of New York. The entire facility consisting of a possessory interest plus the solar panels is subject to property taxation. This should be over a $2 Million assessment. The question remains, is temporary Assessor Spears conspiring with Uhler and Weygandt in facilitating evasion of property taxation? This special treatment involves amounts of missed tax revenue estimated at $25,500/Yr. Call (530) 889-4300 and ask for special treatment from temporary Assessor Spears too.