Softball Coyotes overcome handicaps to win Classic

Sun Eagles 65s host
By: Bob Hunter/News Messenger Contributor
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The Coyotes 70s softball team was invited to play in the Sun Eagles Fall Classic on their home field providing they spotted the other teams five runs a game. They accepted the challenge – and the first-place trophy. Hosted by the Sun Eagles 65s of Lincoln Hills, the Coyotes faced teams from Walnut Creek, Sacramento, Hayward, Yuba City, and the Sun Eagles. Losing only to the Sun Eagles, the Coyotes went 4-1 to earn the championship. John Wible averaged .824 at the plate, the author .765, and Gym Mikaelsen .750. The author also drove in 10 runs and posted a home run. The Coyotes’ Larry Manley ripped two triples and also recorded 10 runs batted in. Jim Sandin went to the circle and picked up two wins while pitchers Bill Stroh and Manley had one each. Wible and Forrest Burkett also made some fine defensive plays. Next on the Coyotes 70s docket is a trip to Medford, Ore., for a tournament in mid-September.