Soapy Enduro race goes to Mangili and Addison

By: Jeannie Broussal, Special to The Press Tribune
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Twenty cars started the 200-lap Enduro race at All American Speedway in Roseville Saturday night, and it was a thrilling race.


The No. 02 car co-driven by Doug Mangili and Joe Addison dominated the race and took the checkered flag after 200 slippery laps. Enduro racing is a breed all its own. First, the track is sprayed with water, and then the entire track is soaped. There are also other substances like syrup and goop put on the track.


The series is a class designed to keep costs down. They are stock cars that are usually wrecks to begin with, but with rebuilt engines.


The slipping and sliding is exciting, but there are not as many wrecks as you might think.  Cars get sideways, but the drivers seem to be able to straighten them out before any real damage is done.


In the first 100-lap race, the lead was traded back and forth between Addison and Loren Chitwood. On lap 24, the No.02 took the lead and kept it for the remainder of the first 100 laps.


After a break, the green flag fell for the second 100 lap race, with Mangili starting from the front, followed by No. 2 driven by David Papst Jr., with his daughter, 16-year old Ashley, as a passenger in the car.  Chris Lancaster started third and Chitwood started fourth.  Larry Moniz rounded out the top five.


Mangili led the race until lap 124 when Papst went around him for the lead.  There were some great laps of racing between Papst, Mangili, Lancaster and Chitwood. 


On lap 139, Lancaster got the lead away from Papst, and then on lap 145, Papst stole it back.  By this time, Mangili was back in second after getting loose on lap 125 and dropping back to third.


On lap 168, Mangili was able to get the lead back after some great maneuvering through traffic.


"It feels great," Addison said after the race.  "We're always in the top five, but we needed this win.” 


Addison and Mangili have been Enduro racing for 13 years.


"The 02 team are tough, Papst said. “We have not refreshed our motor lately.  I think we were just lacking a little bit."


Papst said that everyone is getting faster, so the series is getting tougher. Papst regularly races at AAS, Stockton and Madera.


"I've dominated at Roseville the past couple of years, so I'm OK with second,” Papst said. 


Papst's daughter is her father's regular passenger in the car.


"It's a blast," Ashley said.  "It's an adrenaline rush.  You think you are going to spin out, but my dad has good control of the car. I trust him a lot."


Third-place finisher Chitwood, who races Enduro races all over northern California was happy after the race. 


"I feel like we ran smooth and stayed out of trouble,” Chitwood said.


Next Saturday, All American Speedway will feature NASCAR Championship number seven with a 100-lap LM Toyota/TRD 100 race.  Also racing will be Modified, Bomber, Street Stock, NCMA and SRS cars. 



1. No. 02 Joe Addison

2. No. 2 David Papst

3. No. 13x Loren Chitwood

4. No. 95 Larry Moniz

5. No. 18 Ron Wills

6. No. 42 Gene Guinn

7. No. 01 Brandon Erickson

8. No. 55 Matt Manolis

9. No. 85 John Courier

10. No. 5 Brian Bucholz

11. No. 13 Michael Burgess

12. No. 52 Modes Velasco

13. No. 7 Chris Lancaster

14. No. 57 Jeff Harris

15. No. 77x Brandon Grisso

16. No. 624

17. No. 25 Michael Mulvhill

18. No. 3.13 Eric McKinnley

19. No. 62 Jose Hernandez

20. No. 21 Jake Pitt