Sierra Club suit disturbs Placer resident

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After a very long process to gain approval to build a private university (Drexel University) for our young people in Placer County, it was very disturbing to read that the Sierra Club is filing another frivolous lawsuit to throw up a roadblock for the educational progress of this region. The project has long had the support of the entire region, not just the Placer County Board of Supervisors. The land in South Placer County where the university will be built has been identified for growth since 1994 by Placer County. That area of Roseville already has a major project that is partially constructed and three specific plans, which are being considered by the city of Roseville for annexation. In their efforts to sidetrack the university, the opponents suggest another location would be better. What an odd way to respond to families willing to donate these 1,150 acres for a university. Everyone, including the Sierra Club, should embrace this great chance to expand higher education opportunities locally. Carol C. Garcia Roseville