Showing moxy

By: Jim Linsdau Gold Country Media Sports
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This should be a season to remember for District 11, and more specifically the teams from Rocklin Little League, Tri-City Little League, and Lincoln Little League. Following an exciting season all three leagues sent representatives to the Section 4 tournaments. Tri-City accomplished something it hadn’t done in its 51 year history, and the word is Lincoln did something it hasn’t done in approximately 30 years. Tri-City teams won the District 11 Tournament of Champions, Area 1 and Area 2 tournaments, in the Junior Division (Giants), Majors Division (Yankees), and 9-10-year-olds (Athletics). Interestingly enough, the runners up in the 9-10 tournament and Majors tournament were the Lincoln Reds and the Lincoln Padres, respectively. Lincoln’s Majors All Stars then went on to win the District 11, Area 1 and Area 2, All Stars Tournament. And who was the runner up in that tournament? Tri-City, of course. The Tri-City 10-11 All Stars then had to go through Lincoln’s 10-11 All Stars in order to capture the Area 1 championship. After that, the 10-11 All Stars were joined by their Juniors, and 9-10 counterparts as all went on to sweep their Area 2 opponents and claim the District 11 championships. That’s baseball at its best. The Section 4 tournaments were next with the three All Stars teams from Tri-City, and the Majors club from Lincoln, representing District 11. Lincoln Little League was also the host of the All Stars Majors Section 4 Tournament, the very one they were playing in. The summer of baseball finally ended for the Lincoln Majors All Stars as they fell to a good Lakeside Little League team representing District 54. The Tri-City 9-10 All Stars season also came to an end in the Section 4 tournament in a hard-fought game with Woodcreek Little League. Tri-City’s 10-11 All Stars, and Juniors All Stars now take their show on the road again for the Division II All Stars Championships. The 10-11 team traveled to Folsom, and the Juniors all the way to Prunedale (near Salinas). I discovered late in the process that Rocklin Little League’s Seniors All Stars are also making a name for themselves. They blew through the Section 4 tournament and were politely crushing the competition in Stockton where District 8 is hosting. If they keep it up these guys could soon be on their way to Southern California for the Western Regionals. I’m embarrassed to say I did not know Rocklin Little League had a Seniors’ team. I hate it when that happens. My excuse is District 11 does not hold a tournament for Seniors All Stars because Rocklin Little League is the only Seniors team in the district. Just before Lincoln’s final game in Section 4, Majors’ coach Paul Isola told me the definition of moxy was “Exerting the force of character, determination, and nerve.” Although he was describing what his club had, I think it stands as a fitting description of all the Little League teams from this area. And one last note, none of this would be possible if it were not for the hundreds of volunteers who give willingly of their time, and money, to make it all happen; now that is moxy.