Show should have stayed

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It sounds like the Art League of Lincoln is getting off on the wrong foot with the City Council and the residents of Lincoln.

The 580 Sixth St. property accommodated the needs of Lincoln Arts for years. The location is excellent with parking readily available and close enough to all downtown businesses to be beneficial to both the organization and local businesses. The space included a little store featuring the products of local artists.

The space is inadequate for the needs of this new organization! What is important about square footage is utilization of the space to its fullest capacity. Design the space with a mininalistic mindset.

The Art League of Lincoln is a nonprofit organization, which I suspect doesn’t have much of a bank account. Yet it turned down a nice facility in a good location for $1 plus utilities!

Now it is announced that the Clay Fest will be held in Roseville.

The city of Lincoln would have allowed the show to be displayed in the rotunda of City Hall. The Art League of Lincoln could have figured out how many pieces would fit, then reduce the submission for this year with the promise of increasing it again next year.

The show draws from artists throughout the U.S. I doubt that their enthusiasm will waiver. The history of Gladding, McBean is rich. I bet it would not have been hard to find a volunteer with the expertise who could creatively put together a video. The video could be running continuously along with the art exhibit. The show would have stayed in Lincoln where it belongs and local business would have benefited.

I am disgusted. It sounds to me that the Art League of Lincoln is being run by people who are acting from their egos and personal agendas, rather than for the good of our city and its artists.

Sparky Parker, Lincoln