Should we put a price tag on our franchise rights?

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There is a current effort to recall some of our elected Lincoln councilmen. Whether or not the underlying reasons justify the recall is a matter to be determined by each voter. However, two main reasons have been advanced in opposition to a potential recall election, which in my opinion, lack merit. First, the opponents argue that it would cost the city money that it does not have. Since when do we condition our fundamental guaranteed franchise rights to propose initiatives or recall petitions to the financial costs created by presenting these petitions or initiatives to the public? Are we to condition our franchise privileges and rights on the amount of dollars the exercise of these rights would consume? I would hope not. The second argument advanced against the recall petition is that the next regular scheduled election is the proper place to approve or not approve our councilmen. If one believes that there has been malfeasance or misfeasance committed by any Lincoln elected official, what assurance do we have that this misconduct will not continue throughout the balance of the term? There is substantial evidence that there has been an abundance of apathy on the part of certain councilmen with regard to the controlling of labor costs and there has been reckless spending of taxpayer dollars. There is no reason to believe that these types of conduct will not continue. I would urge voters to consider the underlying reasons for the recall. If they seem valid, then the timing and cost of the recall election would seem insignificant. Jack I. Orlove, Sr., Lincoln