Sheridan community family-minded

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I have worked with Western Placer Unified School District for many years now and love being a part of a small school district still capable of committing to strong work ethics and employees feeling a strong sense of a family environment. This year, I was transferred to Sheridan and became part of a family-orientated environment that I have never before experienced. During this holiday season, the community of Sheridan and the wonderful people who work and volunteer for Sheridan Elementary have shown me a rare sense of family that seems to lack so much more in the towns of vast growth. The Christmas holiday program, which was held at Stewart Hall on Friday, Dec. 16 at 9 a.m., consisted of the entire community coming together and sharing in an old-fashioned concert of our most special entertainers, our children! Each class sang songs and what caught my attention was the older children coming together and assisting the younger students with the guidance of support and kindness that stays with children throughout their educational years. This community has shown me acceptance and grace and I am blessed to be a part of such a strong sense of community. Each and everyone involved in this year’s successful holiday season should be proud. Thank you for embracing me into your very, very sweet community and I can only hope that more people will experience what I have this wonderful holiday season. Deanna Pence Sousa, preschool clerk, Lincoln