Sheep, goats at home on Sun City hills

By: Joey Chisesi
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The “traffic jams” continue in Sun City. But these jams are not the usual kinds experienced on roads and highways. These jams are instead from about 570 sheep and 70 goats eating the wild grasses on the open-space preserves in Lincoln Hills, starting in December and ending next week. With about 300 acres cleared so far, the animals have at least 100 more acres to finish, according to Bob Cook, executive director of Sun City, Lincoln Hills. At the same time, the animals are fertilizing the area. Look for abundant grasses this spring. A guard dog took his assignment seriously as he recently attempted to bark away onlookers while protecting his flock. Several lambs and goats have been born during this period of time. Lee Hazeltine, a shepherd, and his staff of three assistant sheppards stay in a movable structure at night. It’s the dogs that keep away unwanted predators, however. No predator caused casualties have occurred among any of the flock. “We are thrilled with the overall operation. The nature’s mowing of our open land areas is remarkable,” Cook said, about this inaugural program. “This program has provided a great outlet for our residents, their family members and particularly their grandkids. They don’t have to travel miles away to visit a farm. We brought the farm here.” In case you missed seeing the animals, they’re be back in the spring.