Seniors set to jet after graduation

High school ceremony hottest ticket in town
By: Stephanie Dumm, News Messenger Reporter
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This year?s seniors ?are going to knock it out of the park? after graduation, according to Lincoln High School Principal Jay Berns. Graduation will take place at 6 p.m. on Friday, June 8 at Lincoln High School, 790 J St. This is the second year that a ticket is required to attend graduation as a spectator. Unlike last year?s six tickets per student, Berns said seniors will receive 12 tickets this year. ?That works out to be approximately 4,000 tickets and that?s the capacity of our stadium,? Berns said. ?We are encouraging students that, if they have extra tickets, to inquire with friends and if they?re not using all 12, to share or turn them back in.? The school moved to using tickets for graduation ?for safety reasons,? Berns said. ?We had people blocking other people?s sight,? Berns said. ?For the people whose kids are graduating, we want them to have a great event. I want the dad or mom or grandma and grandpa to have the event they deserve.? Berns credits the Lincoln community to the success of this year?s graduating class. ?Don?t ever let anyone complain to you about the future because these are good kids,? Berns said. ?The whole village raises a child. It?s good parenting, good teachers, good Little League, Boy Scout troops and good parenting.?