Senator showed no respect for constituents

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Sen. Barbara Boxer slipped into Lincoln Oct. 13 for a meeting in Lincoln Hills. She avoided contact with an assembly of about 200 orderly, senior protesters by entering Orchard Creek Lodge through a kitchen entrance. The main entrance would have been the proper setting for the woman who has worked very hard to be a United States Senator. She might have acknowledged her constituents and some of the folks who have voted for her over the years. Her entrance through the kitchen, without contact with the protesters, was aided by the Lincoln Hills Community Association. The association parked three work trucks to provide a screen for her car and used a worker feigning work to block a sidewalk. Extra security personnel hired by the association was also part of the ruse. I hope the association was adequately compensated for its involvement. Ms. Boxer has no guts. A general would have used the main entrance. James Bloedorn, Lincoln