School district promising the unknown

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How soon we forget. I was sickened to see Western Placer Unified School District Superintendent Scott Leaman standing in front of a sign promising a new school will be built (Lincoln News Messenger, A1, Sept. 2, “Local schools could see modernization. That’s if $163 million bond passes in November.”). Deja vu just a few years ago when the sign promising a new high school at Twelve Bridges beckoned naive homebuyers with children into a false sense of security when buying overpriced homes in the area. Just like then, the sign was up and promising something that was not to be. How can Mr. Leaman promise a school will be built on that site before his precious bond measure passes? The sign should contain an asterisk that warns, "This school will not be built based on the current funds available which are paying our high salaries and will only be built if we raise your taxes! Steve Pounds, Lincoln