School bomb threat called a hoax by police

By: Carol Percy, Reporter Lincoln News Messenger
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Lincoln High School was evacuated Friday, due to a bomb threat.

About 1,500 students were dismissed from classes at 11:40 a.m. Friday. Lincoln police notified school officials that they had been contacted by a man who threatened “to blow up the school.”

“At approximately 11:32, officers from the Lincoln Police Department received a call from what sounded like a young adult male caller advising that Lincoln High School was going to blow up at noon and that we should get everyone out of the school,” according to a press release Friday by the Lincoln Police Department.

Western Placer Unified School District Superintendent Scott Leaman said he was advised of the threat and ordered the school’s evacuation.

Phoenix High School, located next to Lincoln High School, was not evacuated because the caller did not include that school in the bomb threat and school officials determined that Phoenix High “was far enough away” from Lincoln High to be out of danger, according to Leaman.

It took about two hours to release all the students, according to Leaman.

“Our primary concern was the safety of our students. We wanted to make sure that everyone got away safely and that they were released to the right person,” Leaman said.

The entire Lincoln High School campus was evacuated to the far side of the football field, according to Lincoln High School Principal Jay Berns.

Berns sent out a message to parents to pick up their children from the parking lot on Nicholas Road.

The alleged bomb did not go off at noon.

School officials canvassed the Lincoln High School campus for more than three hours, escorted by five Lincoln policemen, said Lincoln Police Sgt. Kevin Klemp.

Since the caller did not give specific information about where the bomb was located, Lincoln Police “were searching the entire school,” said Jill Thompson, the city of Lincoln’s public information officer.

By 3:15 p.m. Friday, the Lincoln Police Department determined that the bomb threat was a hoax.

School officials verified that the campus was safe at that time and called an “all clear,” Berns e-mailed parents and the press.

Meanwhile, Lincoln police are pursuing all leads. Sgt. Klemp said Friday afternoon that the incident is “still under investigation.”