School Board to hire tech director

By: Brandon Darnell, News Messenger Reporter
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Technology in the Western Placer Unified School District will run a little smoother in the near future if all goes according to plan. A new position was created by the Board of Trustees at Tuesday night’s meeting, and that position is a director of technology. “We had a study done by an outside consultant over the past few months,” said Board President Paul Carras, “and they recommended changes to the scope of the technology program and a new position to oversee it.” The idea is to bring more services to the students of Western Placer, Carras said. Jerusha Loya, a senior at Lincoln High School who serves as the student adviser to the board, said that upgrades are definitely needed. “We need the new position,” Loya said, adding that in her yearbook class, there are only four computers, and two of them are not working. Loya also said she would like to see faster Internet speeds and a better system to determine which Web sites are blocked by the school’s system, as some educational sites are not accessible from the schools. “The new director will bring the entire district forward so we are incorporating the most appropriate and visionary technology to advance our students’ learning,” said Mary Boyle, assistant superintendent for educational services. The position is anticipated to be posted within the next four weeks, and the salary range will be determined after a comparison study with other districts, said Bob Noyes, assistant superintendent for personnel services. The funding for that position was already included in the district’s budget, Carras said. Lincoln resident Ken McPeters said he thinks the idea of a director of technology is a good one, but isn’t sure if the current economic climate is the right time to hire another position. “They need help,” McPeters said, “but as money is tight right now, I don’t know if it’s a good thing.”