Schipper wants transparency

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Lincoln residents for taking the time to come to one or more of the candidate forums so far. This year is very important as Lincoln is at a crossroads and we as citizens need to decide if we want to continue what we are doing by trusting those who have been elected or clean house. I would like everyone to take the time to listen to each of us and take what we say back home and do some research. Please also know that what any of us say, including the incumbents, is not to be considered the facts just because of who you heard it from. It is our job as citizens of this great town to make sure that the people we elect to make our decisions for us are going to be “our” voice, not just a figurehead. We can’t keep moving forward with this non-transparent way of running the city. We as citizens have a right to know why and how our tax dollars are being spent. My real-world work experience and determination qualify me to be a candidate. I have Lincoln’s best interests at heart and will work for you. In closing, please ask the hard questions and feel free to contact myself and any of the other candidates and keep asking until you get the answers you rightly deserve. Please be sure to vote on Nov. 6. Let’s take Lincoln back together! Candi Schipper, Lincoln City Council candidate