Say no to sex toy selling, resident says

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Although we are great-grandparents and have no children in school, we love to read of the many accomplishments of our Lincoln young people. Just this week’s Messenger (July 21) had headlines “Lincoln Hills Coyotes capture fourth tournament,” “Athletic ability conquers time,” “Former Olympian guides Silverstreak to nationals,” and of course the choir that was chosen to perform at Carnegie Hall. All things that Lincolnites can take extreme pride in and proof that we have excellent teachers, musicians and coaches who are guiding them and creating healthy future leaders. Why in the world does Lincoln need so called adult entertainment and sex toys? We should always be thinking of a healthy environment for our children and things that promote self esteem and good moral character. Tobacco products are a small part of a business like this once it takes hold and for (Lincoln Assistant City Manager/Chief Financial Officer Anna) Jatczak to say this “is a revenue generator, like any other business would be,” indicates she has more interest in the revenue to be generated than the welfare of the children who live here. We love our little town of Lincoln, the Fourth of July parade, the Christmas parade, the Farmers’ Market, car show and other homey things that make Lincoln special. Moms and dads, if you feel the same pride in our town and want things that influence good moral attitudes in your children, express your displeasure with the sale of sex toys. Have never understood these things being called “adult” as adult means mature and a mature person would never need “toys.” Dorothy James, Lincoln