Safety more important

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I have read with interest the letters to the editor regarding the stop sign issue in Sun City Lincoln Hills.

I find it very interesting how every letter written for the removal of the stop signs seems to be for one of the following reasons:

1) Personal inconvenience

2) Cost of brake repairs due to wear and tear by stopping

3) The ability and freedom to go an excessive speed over the posted speed limit.

Nowhere in the letters or statements made at the City Council meeting has anyone even mentioned the words public safety. Not one City Councilman, not one person for the removal of the stop signs. This surprises and shocks me as it would seem that City Council’s primary concern would be the safety of the residents of Lincoln.

History within Sun City Lincoln Hills shows and supports that every time a stop sign is removed, there is a fatality and, in some instances, multiple ones such as with the removal of the stop sign at Ferrari Ranch Road and Sun City Boulevard.

A person would think that the City Council would consider this as the primary consideration and not one of the three listed above when considering the removal of stop signs within Sun City Lincoln Hills.

So since no one else will mention public safety, let me be the first. I object to the removal of the stop signs.

I feel that protecting the life of my fellow Lincoln residents is more important than any of the three issues above.

John Karason, Lincoln