Sacramento Bee endorsement had it wrong

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The Bee Editorial Board decision to recommend small-town council members is over reach, presumptive and audacious.

The Bee’s board uses “second source” information. This Bee selection is ostentatious. In plain English, butt out. These are issues that need to be solved by the people who live in the community – not a metro newspaper editorial board.

I note that the Bee left Spencer Short out of its recommendations. I have followed Spencer on the council for a number of years. He brings small-town financial professional background.

To use the Bee’s words, Spencer provides “institutional memory” to the council that will have a big turnover. I believe Spencer is needed on this council. His background far exceeds the back ground of most other candidates. He does have an institutional memory – good or bad!

The new members do need to know some of the rationale for previous policy and decisions. There are so many new citizens in this rapid-growth community. The new community members need to be told about the successes in a highly volatile rapid growth and the period before that when money was short.

Spencer is conservative but open in his evaluation of issues. He represents the younger generation. They need a voice on the council.

John Grindy, Lincoln