Rugby popularity rapidly growing in the area

Youth, varsity, and adult leagues
By: Staff Report
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Next week, Lincoln News Messenger Sports will introduce readers to rugby, featuring Sierra Foothills Rugby coach Dave Faingold. Rugby is played on many levels, and in 2002 a mens club was formed to entice couch potatoes to get back into the game – in this case, rugby. Rugby is played with something resembling an odd-shaped football. The uniform is a jersey, shorts, socks, and cleats. The game involves running, passing, kicking – and tackling. Rugby resembles American football, but was developed in England at a school named Rugby, in the 18th century. It now has rules to govern the game, but in the beginning basically featured open play with as many participants as would fit on a field. Today, it is much more sophisticated and played by anyone interested enough to give it a try. There is even a high school girls league. For more information, Faingold can be reached by calling (916) 759-3407, or the Sierra Foothills Rugby Club (916) 801-4968. And, read more about it in the next issue of the Lincoln News Messenger.