Roy Kennedy enjoying his retirement

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I want to take a moment and thank everyone who helped with my retirement and retirement party from Lincoln Airport, city of Lincoln. The speeches, the photo presentation, the gift, the dinner, the songs and the fellowship of seeing everyone, was very heartfelt by me and my family. Our whole family had a wonderful time. My 32 years at the airport has been a great experience, more than just a job, and brings me many fond memories. I’ve met so many wonderful people, many were a big part of the retirement party, and I thank you all! Also, thanks to Stephanie Dumm and Michael Kirby for the great articles and photos of us all, James McLeod, Rod Campbell and myself. It was an honor to see it in the paper; we enjoyed it so much. I’m glad I live in Lincoln so I’ll be able to stop in and say hi from time to time and catch up. Thanks again to everyone! I’m really enjoying my retirement. Roy Kennedy, Lincoln