Rotary Club helps Lincoln library

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We would like to thank the Rotary Club of Lincoln for providing volunteer support to the Lincoln library for our re-shelving project during the last week of December. The continued growth in our book collection required a major effort to re-shelve the non-fiction to free up space for more books. This project was planned and supervised by Scott Fischer, librarian; and volunteer K. C. Clark. Paul Radcliffe organized the Rotary Club volunteers. Eight Rotarians worked a total of 65 hours in three days to get the job done. Several volunteers came in on an on-call basis on short notice to accomplish the task. All volunteers worked hard and were enthusiastic and productive in their efforts working with library staff members to complete the project. Thanks to Mr. Radcliffe for taking the lead in organizing the Rotary Club volunteers and to the volunteers for their support. We could not have finished the job without the Rotary Club’s eagerness to pitch in to help us. We want to express our appreciation to the Rotary Club on yet another great service for the citizens of Lincoln. Jon Torkelson, interim library director, Lincoln Public Library