Romney’s criticism is wrong

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Romney’s latest ad criticizes Obama’s bailout to the car industry, stating that Chrysler is now outsourcing American jobs to China to build jeeps.

Chrysler has released a statement calling this ad a fantasy. In truth, Chrysler is discussing increasing production in China for sales within that country. It is not building cars there to export to the U.S. and it is not outsourcing jobs.

It’s interesting that Romney’s unfounded criticism is a case of “the pot calling the kettle black.” On Oct. 19 this year, Sensata, a car parts manufacturer in Freeport, Ill. closed its doors to outsource the company and jobs to China.

Ironically, Romney has a vested financial interest in this company, which has left 170 Americans without jobs. His non-taxable wealth, in part, comes from the profits of outsourced companies.

Obama, however, has submitted a plan to keep jobs here by giving tax credits to businesses that bring back outsourced jobs and hire U.S. workers, especially veterans. The Senate passed this plan but the House Republicans have defeated it.

Based on this information, who will work harder for the American people?

Georgia Ramm, Lincoln