Romero is two good in Twin 44’s at All American Speedway

By: Chase Montgomery, Special to The Press Tribune
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Jason Romero, in his Folsom Lake Asphalt No. 8, won both of the Twin 44’s for the Late Models last Saturday night at The All American Speedway. Twin 44 No. 1 Twenty-one cars took to the starting grid for this one. Orangevale’s Gary Glenn (50) started from the pole with Romero on the outside of row one. Row two saw Stockton’s Vito Ranuio (27V) and Jake Gomes (16x), the days top qualifier (13.871/ 77.860MPH). Glenn led the first three as Romero was looking for real estate. Romero got by Glenn for the lead on the fourth lap. Moore, who started fifth, got by Ranuio and moved up to third. Bobby Butler (3) was a mover, starting 12th and getting to eighth. Lap 17 saw Gomes get by Moore for third. At the halfway mark, your top five was Romero, followed by Glenn, Gomes, Moore and Ranuio. Chasing Romero took a toll on Glenn and on lap 29 Gomes would get by him for second. Try as Gomes might, Romero was just too much. Romero would chalk up another victory. Gomes would cross second. Glenn would settle for third. John Moore had another solid run coming home fourth with Ranuio fifth. 6th Jonathan Mawhinney (17) 7th Ron Chunn (44) 8th Juan Pitta (16) 9th Shannon Mansch (61) 10th Julia Landauer (20) Time of race: 14:52:151 Best lap time of the race: Romero (Lap 7 13.973/ 77.292) Twin 44 No. 2 The invert for race No. 2 put Elk Grove’s Ron Chunn (44) on the pole with Mawhinney flanked on his outside. Row two matched up the two No. 27 cars - Moore and Ranuio (27x). Romero started seventh with the invert, as 19 cars would start the race. From the drop of the green, this one was on. Mawhinney led the first two laps. Ranuio got around him to lead laps three and four, but Mawhinney was hungry and made the pass for the lead once again. Glenn started fifth and was second by lap five. Romero was fourth by Lap 7. Mansch came from ninth to fifth and was charging. On lap 10, Glenn made his move on Mawhinney for the lead. Romero was third and coming on. On lap 17 Romero got by Mawhinney for second and Glenn could see him in the mirror. Moore’s car seemed to be coming to him mid-race. He climbed to third on lap 19. At the halfway point it was Glenn, Romero, Moore, Pitta (started eighth/ now fourth), and Mawhinney. With laps winding down it was time for Romero to make a move if he wanted to win both Twins. His move on Glenn on lap 32 was just what the doctor ordered. He grabbed the point and drove the last 12 laps flawlessly. He could not be caught in clean air and would go on to win. Glenn would add a second place finish to his third place in Race No. 1. A good points night for that team. Moore was solid again coming home third. He is second in points to Romero (-59). Bill McAnally Racing’s Juan Pitta (16) crossed the stripe third. Pitta is 75 points back of Romero in third. Mawhinney (17) rounded out the top five - a great result in spite of the fact that he cut down a tire in practice and had contact with the wall earlier in the day. Mawhinney is fourth in the points (-80). 6th Jake Gomes (16x) 7th Shannon Mansch (61) 8th Justin Henry (31) 9th Zane Lovelace (46) 10th Byron Gonzales (98) Time of race: 20:56:246 Best lap of the race: Romero (Lap 34 14.135/ 76.406MPH) In the Late Model trophy dash, Romero defeated Ranuio, Moore, and Glenn. Modifieds Scott Winters, on an off night from his track, came back home for a visit to AAS where he is the reigning champion, to destroy the competition once again. Much to the dismay of the other drivers, Winters proved once again why he is the best by winning the 40 lap feature for the division. Winters started fifth with the invert after grabbing fast time in qualifying earlier in the afternoon. His lap of 14.085/ 76.677MPH was good enough to top the speed charts. 2nd Nick Lyons (43) 14.159 3rd Jason Philpot (15) 14.240 4th Jarred Beddow (50) 14.270 Beddow, the point’s leader, started from the pole with 16-year-old Jessica Brunelli (3) on his outside. Row two had two great drivers in Philpot and Lyons. Winters got by Philpot and moved from fifth to third by lap 9 with Beddow and Brunelli up front. Lyons fell to fifth. Winters got by Brunelli for second on lap 12. She held her own there. Lyons got by Philpot for fourth and Winters was still coming. There was a great battle between Beddow and Winters up front. They got after it for nine laps running door-to-door. First, Winters tried to get under him on the inside and then on the outside, but he was unable to do so until lap 21. Winters made an excellent move to get around Beddow for the lead. That would prove to be the move of the race. Winters in clean air could not be caught. He would make his return to AAS a triumphant one by claiming the victory. When the smoke cleared, Nick Lyons would bring home the second place trophy for his efforts. Beddow used up most of his stuff in trying to fend off Winters. He could only manage a third place spot. Philpot struggled most of the night with an ill-handling car. The best he could do was fourth. Rookie Jessica Brunelli (3) chalked up another top-five finish. She crossed the stripe fifth. A post-race protest was initiated with regard to her fuel. A $500 fee was put up and a sample has been sent to the lab. Details will not be available until midweek. 6th Jace Meier (21) 7th Sal Lopez (02) 8th Todd Lynch (1x) 9th Luke Kaper (39) 10th Bud Anderson (33) Heat Race No. 1 Winner: Winters 2nd Philpot Heat Race No. 2 Winner: Mike Newland 2nd Beddow Trophy Dash Jarred Beddow won the four cars/ four laps fast dash for the division defeating Winters, Newland, and Philpot. Street Stocks In this 35 Lap feature, Casey Cavender (03) started from the pole with Dan Patton (69) on the outside. Roseville’s Roy Smith (7) was on the inside of row two flanked by “Mighty” Mike Dickson (76). Patton and Cavender exchanged the top spot immediately after the drop of the green. Cavender led laps four through 17, but Smith was coming. Dickson got to third on lap 12 and looked as if he might turn in his best finish to date until something broke that put him behind the wall on lap 18. Meantime, Patton was holding tough in third. A little further back in the pack some good battles were taking place. Kevin Owens started 11th and climbed to sixth. Kevin is your point’s leader for the division. Antelope’s Gary Campora (16) started 15th and got to 11th. Joseph Colorado (66) moved up six positions from 14th to eighth. Smith made his move and grabbed the lead on lap 18 when he got by three cars. Cavender fell to second with Mickey Owens third. Patton got by Cavender for second and had only Smith in his windshield. Lap 22 saw Mickey Owens get by Cavender with a good pass. Cavender was fading and the Owens’ boys were coming. Just when it looked as if Smith might run away, Patton got by Smith for the lead on lap 31. But Smith fought back. He got around Patton with just four to go. Smith would cross first for the win by a margin of .577 of a second. Mickey Owens grabbed fast time for the division. Owens’ best time was on lap two of qualifying with a 15.129/ 71.386MPH Heat Race No. 1 Winner: Dick Meadows (4) 2nd Dan Patton (69) Heat Race No. 2 Winner: Christopher Lambert (50) 2nd Mark Sharp (1) Trophy Dash Winner: Mark Sharp 2nd Patton 3rd Lambert 4th Meadows Bombers In one of the most highly contested point’s races in any of the divisions, Adam Chapman (01) left no room for doubt in the points chase by winning the main for the Bombers and claiming sole possession of the top spot. The victory is his second in as many weeks. Sixteen cars took the green for this one with Erick Ray (77) and Richard Perez (50) starting from row one. As the fastest qualifier (15.907/ 67.895MPH), Chapman would start fifth with the inversion. Ray led the early going and had a strong car again. Roseville’s Mike Kelly driving for Team Kelly (04) was charging from fourth to second. The Kelly’s had led the points all season until suspension problems handed them two DNF’s recently. Chapman was slowly picking off positions one-by-one. His car was really hooked up again tonight. The three strongest cars fought it out up front as they began to separate from the rest of the pack. It appeared that any one of the three could win. Then, on lap 19, Chapman made the pass on Ray for the lead. But Ray wasn’t done. He got back around two laps later. Ray was hungry for a main event win. This was some of the best door-to-door racing of the night. Though Ray would lead laps 21-25, Chapman proved too much. He took the lead again on lap 26 and would take the checkers for the 30-lap main event win. Erick Ray finished second to Chapman but the finish is one of his best of the season and a win can’t be far off for him. His car is good this year. Eric Bocksberger (23) drove a race to be proud of. His efforts were rewarded with a third place finish. Richard Perez started the day as the point’s leader of the division. A fourth place finish dropped him to second in the chase, 11 points behind Chapman. Mike Kelly was good early and struggled a bit as the race went on. He would settle for fifth. Dana and Mike Kelly fall to third in the points but find themselves just 14 back. Track chaplain Harry Lambert (73) returned to racing action, filling in for Gary Eisenhour. Lambert proved that he can still hang - finishing sixth. His daughter-in-law Denise Lambert (12) ran 12th. 7th Roger Ward Jr (97) 8th Rando Owens (02) for Team Harvey Racing 9th Kenny Beaumont (15) 10th Troy Clapham (5) (1 Lap down) Troy Clapham won the division’s trophy dash, defeating Ray, Cody Rickard, and Chapman. Heat race No. 1 Ray Chapman Heat race No. 2 Winner: Rickard 2nd Clapham Baby Grands Dylan Hutchison completed the sweep of the division by winning the 28 lap main event. Mychal Tripoli (21) started from the pole with Jarrett Kelly on his outside. Row two was made up of Michael Ray (46) and Josh Gomes (18). Kelly took the green and the lead on the first lap. Hutchison started sixth with the invert and quickly began to slice and dice his way through the field getting to third on lap eight. Kelly led the first 10 until what some might say was inevitable. Hutchison went by Kelly for the lead and what would turn out to be the win for the point’s leader. Sandoval passed Kelly for the second spot. Sandoval used patience to get through the field and come home second. Kelly ran a great race but would have to settle for third. Michael Ray, who was involved in a rollover crash two weeks ago at another facility, showed that they had put in the time necessary to get the car back to racing condition. They finished a respectable fourth. John Bowman (98) came from starting eighth to finishing fifth. 6th Mychal Tripoli (21) 7th William Camara (20) 8th Garrett Hubanks (37) 9th Taylor Hill (7) 10th Robbie Roy (33) 11th Josh Gomes (18) 12th Chili Denison (3) Earlier in the day, Hutchison laid down a lap of 14.683/ 73.554MPH to grab fast time in qualifying. 2nd Sandoval 14.821 3rd Josh Gomes 14.857 4th Michael Ray 14.907 5th Jarrett Kelly 14.982 Hutchison won the five cars, six laps Trophy Dash for the Baby Grands by defeating Michael Sandoval, William Camara, Jarrett Kelly, and Michael Ray. Mini Cups Just four cars took the green in the feature for this teaching division. Of the four, Patrick Hill (07) had the dominant car in this 15-lap feature. Hill started from the pole and led every lap in this one. He has really come into his own as a racecar driver. Hats off to Danny Allen (24) who gave it his all in trying to catch Hill. He finished second. Tommy McCarthy (23) would cross third with Eric Hamilton (11) coming home fourth. Qualifying Fast time: Hill 16.557/ 65.229MPH 2nd Allen 16.605 3rd McCarthy 16.901 4th Hamilton 17.513 Danny Allen won the mini cup trophy dash, keeping Hill from a clean sweep of the division. 2nd Hill 3rd McCarthy 4th Hamilton