Rogers Family Company donates gourmet coffee and tea to troops in partnership with Move America Forward

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The Rogers Family Company in Lincoln is continuing its decade-old tradition of bringing a small taste of home to thousands of troops serving in combat zones, on ships at sea and at U.S. bases.
Move America Forward volunteers  loaded 3,900 pounds of coffee and tea from the Rogers Family Company’s roasting plant.
The 3,900 pounds of gourmet coffee and tea from the Rogers Family Company’s  roasting plant/headquarters included in the individual-care packages for troops equaled nine pallets.
“We are honored to continue supporting our troops,” said Rogers Family Company President Jon B. Rogers, who is a former U.S. Army officer. “They deserve all we can give.”
From September through February, the Rogers family donated approximately 43,000 bags of coffee included in 20,374 individual troop care packages prepared by Move America Forward.
Last year, the company also donated 181,280 units of coffee – totaling 77,600 pounds – to other organizations that support the troops.
The Rogers’ programs include shipping a bag or two of its “Fairly Traded” gourmet coffee for free to any soldier who can be “nominated” by anyone, providing free shipping to troops for online orders and donating coffee to organizations that support the troops.
Customers who purchase any Rogers Family Company coffee help support these programs. Visit and click “Supporting The Troops.”
Rogers Family Company co-founders Jon B. Rogers and Barbara Rogers were recognized in September 2012 at Beale Air Force Base for their support of troops.
The company headquarters/roasting plant is at 1731 Aviation Blvd.
The company’s divisions/brands include San Francisco Bay Premium Gourmet Coffee and the Organic Coffee Company.