Robinson has her three City Council choices

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Since The Lincoln News Messenger has decided to occupy itself with City Council candidate trifles, e.g., candidate statement word counts, allow me to point you in the direction of information you may want to consider in deciding whom to elect to the council. Jan. 25, 2011 is a day that should live in Lincoln City Council infamy. On that day — you can check the City Council agenda for that day yourself — Lincoln 1) adopted a General Fund reserves policy (finally?); 2) admitted staff was relying on the collection of PFE funds from future development to repay inter-fund loans; 3) wrote off over $1 million in bad debts owed to the Development Services Fund; and 4) reallocated unrealized investment losses resulting in an increase to the General Fund balance. I cannot in good conscience support the incumbents because there was either neglect of fiduciary duty or a failure to inquire. Additionally, the disdainful attitude exhibited by some council members toward citizens who asked hard questions on these issues should no longer be tolerated. I’m voting for Peter Gilbert because he understands fiduciary duty; Allen Cuenca because he wants to implement the fiscal sustainability committee report; and David Kawas because he wants to change City Hall’s culture. Terrie Robinson, Lincoln