Ride to the farm

Bike column
By: By Vic Freeman Special to The News Messenger
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Today, we are going to the farm ... the Lincoln High School farm west of the airport, which at 680 acres, is the largest high school farm in California.

Check your tire pressure and remember to take water and your cell phone.

We begin at the Lincoln Crossings Club House at Ferrari Ranch Road and Groveland. Go west on Ferrari Ranch to Sorrento Parkway, then a right turn to Moore Road. Go left on Moore Road past Nelson Lane to Fiddyment Road.

Continue on Moore Road and watch for the first cross road, which is South Doud. Take a right turn and ride to Williams Lane. There is a sign on the right side of the road pointing to the farm. At the sign, turn left on Williams and proceed about 1 mile to the high school farm. Take a water break, stretch and look around.

Come back on Williams to South Doud and turn left and go to Nicolaus Road. Make a right turn on Nicolaus Road.

Nicolaus has been resurfaced as part of the Lincoln Bypass project and it is a very smooth ride back toward the airport area. Continue past Nelson on Nicolaus to Joiner Parkway. Take a right on Joiner and continue back to Ferrari Ranch. Right on Ferrari one block back to the clubhouse and starting point.

You have just completed a 14.6 mile route.

For many of you, this was your first visit to our high school farm. This is a tremendous resource for our community. I hope you enjoyed looking around out there. 

Until next time, remember to share the road and be careful at all times.

Vic Freeman is a Lincoln resident and avid bicyclist.