Retired police support Short, Joiner and Cross

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I am a retired city police officer from Southern California, having worked in two communities similar to Lincoln. I have seen “packed” City Councils before.

I am concerned that the citizens of Lincoln, with Voting Day fast approaching, may not know some of the things that may happen if votes are not cast in the right direction.

Is Councilman Stan Nader really trying to pack the council with Allen Cuenca, Peter Gilbert and David Kawas? Does he really think he can remove local enforcement and bring in the Sheriff? I have seen this move before and it does not benefit the local citizens.

I am hoping that the citizens of Lincoln will not let a packed City Council control what happens for the good of the city.

Police Chief Paul Shelgren supports Paul Joiner, Dan Cross and Spencer Short for a reason!

Dan Cross is a staple in this community, having served the citizens and he knows how local government works. Spencer Short has worked tirelessly to bring the regional sewer system into Lincoln. Paul Joiner volunteers in the community with the Police Athletic League, which keeps kids off the street with its various programs.

These guys benefit our city.

Paul Joiner and Spencer Short both need the time for their economic plans to prosper as they try hard to protect our services, even with the economic fallout.

I can go on and on but I do want voters to realize that a “buddy system” is not good for the city, the citizens or for long-term goals to be met.

Vote for Short, Joiner and Cross.

Steven Brown, Lincoln