Residents care for other residents

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I was very saddened when I read in the "Letters" section of last week’s Lincoln Messenger (April 28, page A7, “It’s getting tough to live ‘the dream’”) the letter from Dick Isherwood. His letter was one full of despair, disappointment, illness and despondency. He signed off with this sentence, "You’re old. Drink the Kool-Aid and stop dreaming.” Clearly this gentleman needs some friendship and a helping hand. Any ideas? He sounds so alone - which may be his choice but he really is sending a call out for help, I believe. We are all very blessed in one way or another and it would be nice to share, if only a friendly hello. Mr. Isherwood, there are a lot of people care about you and your situation. As the song says, "You just call out my name" or reach out for a friendly helping hand. Patricia Branham, Lincoln