Resident wants to know where Mello-Roos funds go

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Articles regarding Lincoln’s fiscal sustainability are quite interesting. One question I have is where did all the money go? When I have tried to get answers, no one gave me the same answer. This has become the best-kept secret. Not a single answer matches up to what we were told when we purchased our homes. We were told it was a 20-year bond, with funds earmarked to pay for parks, recreation and school infrastructure, police, fire, and general upkeep. This, however, wasn’t true. I have been paying my Mello-Roos tax since 2008. During that time, not a single park or school was built in my neighborhood. Developers seem to have worked out a deal that greatly benefits someone but certainly not the residents. We are at the mercy of the expense of the ultra-high Mello-Roos in Lincoln Crossing. It would be great if someone would publically put in writing how much is still owed in each Mello-Roos (each subdivision), what they were designed for and what money has actually been spent for the original intended purpose. I am ready to write a letter to the state Attorney General to investigate possible fraud. Mello-Roos is, in essence, a contract between the city and the homeowners. If homeowners are paying their Mello-Roos taxes and the city is not using the funds as the contract stipulates, that is fraud. My Mello-Roos payment every month is $330. I have paid this for three years, at a total of $11,880 to the city. What is the monthly breakdown of how my $330 is supposed to be spent? I am just one homeowner. How many homes in Lincoln Crossing are paying as much as I am? If there were just 1,000 homes, that would total roughly $11 million collected by Lincoln. So where has the money gone? Where are the parks for our children and grandchildren to play in? There must be accountability. If the money has been spent, tell us. If it hasn’t been spent, tell us. Frank Mowrey, Lincoln