Resident urges: Keep Greenfield

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This is an open letter to all residents of Lincoln Crossing paying homeowners dues monthly. You have received a ballot to grant the board authority to terminate Lincoln Crossing Community Association’s broadband service agreement with Greenfield Communications, Inc. We have lived in Lincoln Crossing for more than seven years and Greenfield has been our ISP server the entire time. In those years, we have never had a problem or break down in service and, best of all, never a price increase. Once we encountered a problem, not of their making, but they quickly helped me solve the problem at no charge. There is no other service we have with cable, phone, utilities, water, trash and sewer that has not increased their fees numerous times and they continue to increase, regardless of the poor economy. Why in the world would we vote yes to terminate our agreement with Greenfield, go out for bids and perhaps get a lower price for six months or a year and then have it continually increase on each anniversary? Be wise, homeowners, and vote no to give the board the authority to terminate our agreement. We have previously lived in communities with HOA and price increases were the biggest complaint. We have a good thing here. Let’s keep it that way. Please do vote and vote no. Dorothy M. James, Lincoln