Resident grateful for Lincoln community pulling together

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My heart is full of gratitude today. For tragedy that was avoided. For the lives and the town that was saved from what would have been a catastrophic tragedy. It could have ended up very differently. It was estimated that had the railcar exploded, many Lincoln residents would have been killed and many more injured and the historic downtown could have been destroyed completely or heavily damaged. But due to the bravery of a few heroic men, who risked their lives for our town, tragedy was avoided. I heard story after story. Neighbors helping neighbors. Lincoln residents cooperating with local officials when they were asked to evacute. The entire downtown was shut completely down for two days and I personally didn’t hear one complaint from anyone. I think everyone is grateful for tragedy averted and lives saved. People smiled more along the main highway (after evacuation was over). They stopped and talked to perfect strangers. They walked a little slower and took in the beauty of this historic, old railroad town. They were more patient at red lights, a little more patient in line at the grocery store, a little more patient at the stop signs. It seems like our town came together in this time of need. And the gratitude was everywhere. For me, and for the other residents of this town, we are grateful. Grateful for wise decisions made by rescuers. Grateful for leaders who stepped in when we needed real leadership. Grateful for townspeople who did not take advantage of the town being completed shut down for two full days. Not one business was robbed or looted the entire time the town was closed. Grateful for neighbors helping neighbors. Grateful for a town who pulled together when tragedy knocked and tried to break down our door. JENNY MOORE, Lincoln