Resident feels "let down" by city

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This is another e-mail sharing my thoughts about my frustration in the city of Lincoln, which is also the city I chose to buy my home in. I live in the Hawks Landing development and honestly can't comprehend how a city would allow a neighborhood to be completely isolated. I feel very let down by a city that would let this happen. The more our neighborhood has learned from Caltrans, it is much more clear that they have done their due diligence in this project. We had a fire truck in my court the other day and they discussed how they had a previous response time of 3 minutes and, with the alternate route they will have to take, it took them 10 minutes to respond! I have a pregnant neighbor, a retired neighbor who has recently experienced heart problems and many kids in this neighborhood. In the city I work, it is mandated that fire/medical is able to respond within a 3- minute timeframe. Does Lincoln have anything like that? Obviously, the city has taken us to a point where Caltrans is going to move forward with this project. You are telling us that it will take six to eight weeks for this new permanent road to be constructed. Why not complete a temporary road that connects Portello Road to Sorrento? This could be done in a very timely manner and would not put so much pressure on getting your permanent road in. To get out there and flatten a section of road and lay some asphalt would not be difficult to do. It will have a cost associated with it but is the city willing to gamble for the next two months by keeping us isolated? Everyone knows that insurance is only expensive until you need it. The lawsuit for any type of medical issues or something of more significance would really put a crunch on this deficit you guys are trying to get out of. Plus, I will advise you right now that a class-action lawsuit is in the works and will continue to raise the cost to the city the more time it takes the city to give us suitable access to town. As it stands now, the neighbors will be grocery shopping, etc in Roseville and Rocklin. Not out of spite but because it’s simply closer and more convenient. Please consider this temporary road for the above reasons and for several others. Sincerely, K. Manzer, Lincoln