Reporter’s story helps St. Vincent de Paul Society

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I would like to commend Patty McAlpin for the excellent article that she wrote about the St. Vincent de Paul Society Friends of the Poor Walk (Sept. 27, page A14, “‘Friends of the Poor’ walk helps those in need”) that we had Saturday at the St. Joseph Parish Hall on the corner of 6th and D streets. Patty interviewed our conference President, Secretary and Treasurer to get all the specifics about the walk and also to learn more about all the work that our St. Vincent de Paul conference does for the poor and needy of our community. We really appreciate the support of your paper in helping us to raise funds to feed the poor and to meet their other social service needs. Stephanie Dumm has helped our St. Vincent de Paul conference by writing articles about our activities in the past but this was the first time that we dealt with Patty and she was as professional and attentive to details as was Stephanie. We thank you and The Lincoln News Messenger staff for your willingness to support our effort to bring relief to those in the community who are struggling and striving to get ahead in these difficult economic times. May God’s blessings be upon you and yours. Ron Morin, communications vice president, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Lincoln