Reid Barney says he is committed to serving on council

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This election has been very exciting for me. It has been my great pleasure to interact with the other candidates, business leaders, city employees, and most especially the people of Lincoln. A common question I have received from concerned citizens is: how am I going to find the time to serve on the City Council? This is a very fair and reasonable question and I appreciate that people are looking at the candidates so closely. Serving on the City Council will be very time consuming and it will require significant personal sacrifice on the part of my family and me. I have understood this from the beginning. That is why the first person I consulted was my wife. She has been 100 percent behind me throughout this campaign and she stands with me now. We know that this will not be easy. But, worthwhile endeavors always require some personal sacrifice and my family and I have stepped up to say that we are willing and able to make those sacrifices for Lincoln. The other interest group I spoke to before I entered the race was the management team at Ace Hardware. Ace Hardware believes in making a difference in the communities where it operates and so there were no objections from my employer when I informed him of this opportunity to serve. I am fortunate to have some flexibility in my schedule and I am 100 percent confident that I can balance the needs of Lincoln and Ace Hardware appropriately. In closing, I would like to say thank you to all the people who have come out to the forums and who have taken the time to speak to me. I promise I will be a council member the people of Lincoln can depend on. Thank you for your consideration. Reid Barney, Lincoln