Registration tags stolen

“Ask George” Expert Answers to Common DMV Questions
By: George Valverde – Director, California Department of Motor Vehicles
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Do you have questions about general driving related requirements like registration and insurance? Are you unclear about laws and restrictions related to driving? The California Department of Motor Vehicles has answers. Save Time. Go Online at Q: I just realized that my registration decals have been stolen from my license plate. I need to get a new sticker for my car but how can I prevent from this happening again? A: If your registration decals have been stolen from your vehicle you can go online and fill out the form titled Application for Replacement License Plates, Stickers, Registration Card,REG 156 at Save Time, Go Online! The month stickers are replaced for free, the year stickers cost $18. To prevent this from happening again, make sure you properly follow directions located on the decals to maintain security. To help prevent this in the future, be sure to remove any old stickers before adding your new sticker to the plate. The license plate should also be clean, dry and warm to the touch for proper adherence. You can also slightly score the new sticker to make it more difficult for someone to remove. Also, if anyone is caught using your decals or stealing decals that are not registered to them they are subject to prosecution for a misdemeanor and face imprisonment for up to one year and fines up to $1,000 or both. Q: My husband and I are getting ready to retire and have been thinking of purchasing an RV to travel and spend time in the outdoors. Although very handy, neither my husband nor I know much about the differences between driving a regular vehicle and an RV. What kind of resources does the DMV website provide? A: Congratulations on your retirement! Our DMV websiteprovides a Recreational Vehicle and Trailers Handbook that you can download to read or even keep in your RV that you can access here While most drivers have experience in driving passenger vehicles, it is important to note that an RV handles much differently. Some noticeable differences are restricted vision and added braking time. Other differences include space requirement needs, increased following distances, turning radiuses, and more space needed for lane changes, while also being aware of bridge heights, buildings with low canopies. The handbook includes much more useful information and will be very useful for your outdoor adventures! Q: My friend was arrested for driving under the influence. He says this is his first offense. What punishment is he facing? Can he get a restricted license to drive to and from work? A:In addition to any court ordered fines and other related costs, your friend will have his license suspended by DMV for four months. He can obtain a restricted license to drive to and from work, during work, and to and from an alcohol program after a minimum suspension period of 30 days. To get his license reinstated after the suspension period he must enroll in a licensed driving under the influence First Offender program, file proof of financial responsibility, and pay a $125 reissue fee. The court might order a longer suspension. Total costs, including increased insurance costs, will approach $13,000 on a first offense. The DMV is a department under the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency, which is under the direction of Acting Undersecretary Traci Stevens. The DMV licenses drivers, maintains driving records, registers and tracks official ownership of vehicles and vessels, investigates auto and identity-related fraud, and licenses car dealers, driving schools, and traffic violator schools. For more information about the DMV, visit