Regional sewer project step closer

Lincoln City Council approves two project agreements
By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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The city is moving forward with plans for a sewer project that could serve not only Lincoln but the city of Auburn and Placer County. The City Council adopted a resolution Tuesday night to execute two agreements with the city of Auburn and Placer County for Lincoln regarding the Mid-Western Placer Regional Sewer Project. One agreement is for the city of Auburn and Placer County to provide Lincoln with environmental documentation, design and a “firm price for the city of Lincoln to construct and operate” the project, according to city engineer Bruce Burnworth. The second agreement was amending a $6.2 million contract with Stantec Consulting, Inc. to provide the environmental documentation and design services, which Burnworth said would be paid by Auburn and Placer County. “The key element is for Lincoln to complete the environmental review and design from funding from the county and Auburn,” Burnsworth said. Burnworth said Stantec would not start its work until Placer County and Auburn have agreed to foot the bill for the consulting work. The sewer project entails installing a pipeline from Auburn and Placer County to Lincoln’s wastewater treatment plant for treatment, according to Burnworth. “The pipeline and plant are designed to accommodate flow from not only the city of Lincoln but from Auburn and the county of Placer,” Burnworth said. Burnworth said many benefits are provided by the project. “Compliance with new regulations cost less. Very clearly, new regulations over time make the plant more expensive,” Burnworth said. “If we have a regional facility, these costs are spread over more agencies. The benefit to all agencies is a lower cost for compliance of the regulations.” Burnworth also said there would be a “reduced environmental footprint with treatment and disposal” since the wastewater for the three cities would be treated at one plant instead of three. If all goes according to plan, the environmental and design work would start in March and be completed by March 2012, Burnworth said, with construction starting in the 2012-2013 fiscal year. Burnworth said Lincoln will continue to work with Auburn and Placer County to reach an agreement on the project proposals. “I think this is a great project and one that will greatly benefit the region,” Councilman Gabriel Hydrick said. “I’m impressed with how thorough you guys have been to get a good handle on the price this may cost us as a region.”