Reader says Gilbert well qualified

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Peter Gilbert is well qualified for Lincoln City Council. The administrative, financial and public safety needs of a city such as Lincoln are complex. These needs of our city require leadership of persons with education, experience and integrity at the City Council level. Issues relating to balancing the budget, repayment of inter-fund borrowing and cash-flow improvement repeatedly dominate the City Council meetings. We are fortunate to have a man with substantial experience in solving problems like those described above living in our community. Not only does he live here but he has decided to be a candidate for election to the Lincoln City Council. He is Peter Gilbert who, having formerly served as s senior vice president of Wells Fargo Bank, member of the Placer County Grand Jury and a City Council member for Foster City in the Bay Area, is well prepared to provide leadership and help solve the financial problems of the city of Lincoln. It is my opinion that a man of his experience and integrity is needed on our City Council. F. Scott Nevins, Lincoln