Reader says fight to save Social Security and Medicare

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To all you folks who say that Boxer has got to go, do you realize that Carly Fiorina believes (1) in less government and (2) Social Security and Medicare need adjustments. I quote Carly from an interview on Aug 5 with an organization called “Real Clear Politics” (looks to be bi-partisan), “Look, it’s clear that the entitlements have to be reformed and it’s clear that there are some sort of common sense ideas beginning to percolate about things that we should consider.” Well folks, since we know she wants less and less government, you know one of those “common sense” ideas is to privatize Social Security and Medicare. If you check her official website, you will not find the words “Social Security” anywhere. Hey, everyone out there. Please don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Fight to save Social Security and Medicare. Re-elect Boxer who is a fighter to retain them as is. And remember, Carly (similar to Meg) didn’t vote from 1980-2000. Trish Grenfell, Auburn