Reader says adult entertainment store is wrong image

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According to the July 21’s front-page News Messenger, (Lincoln Assistant City Manager/Chief Financial Officer) Anna Jatczak has stated that the city has not received complaints about the new business, which is owned and operated by Manjeet Klair, a business that sells, among other things, bongs, hookahs, and adult novelties and DVDs. I would like to be among the first (of I hope many) to rectify that situation and hereby lodge my official complaint about this business, which has no business being in the center of downtown Lincoln. With the completion of the Highway 65 Bypass, Lincoln has a unique opportunity to create a beautiful and viable downtown. The city is, rightly, seeking input from residents on what they think the downtown core should be. Is a store that sells adult novelties and DVDs the kind of store we want to project our image of our downtown to the rest of the world? Is this the type of business that is going to draw foot traffic and family shoppers to downtown? I believe it’s the type of business that will keep many people out of the downtown because it will draw a clientele that we would not want to mingle with or have our children or grandchildren mingle with. As Ms. Jatczak has stated, it may be “a revenue generator,” but at what cost to our town and our image? Is this the sort of storefront that an “All American City” would be proud to display? I think not. I fully support Councilman (Gabriel) Hydrick in his effort to have this matter reviewed by the City Council and urge council members to find a way to eliminate this distasteful intrusion into our quiet town. Hookah the Smoking Caterpillar may approve but I do believe that the residents of the city of Lincoln do not! Diane Pargament, Lincoln