This reader just says no to flashy digital highway signs

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Anyone who travels I-80 or Highway 65 should speak out against Rocklin’s plans to install three massive digital signs. Money and greed are trumping citizen rights and needs to travel those routes without being bombarded by dangerously distracting, glitzy and brightly-lit freeway signs. Taxpayers fund roadways for transportation needs, not for opportunistic, highly-priced, huge advertising signs that will only benefit multi-million dollar entities, hurt small businesses and create hazardous driving situations. Even two-second distractions can cause destruction, injury and death via freeway crashes. Studies are inconclusive, but as many know, those involved in tragic accidents often cannot recall anything before or immediately after. How many blipping lights and signs do we need to tell us how much we can win at gambling? Who needs another reminder of the greatest car deals of the year? Speak up now. Tell the Rocklin City Council to vote no on the General Plan Amendments, zoning changes and all the other entitlements to kill all three of these obnoxious, distracting, digital freeway sign proposals before our skylines resemble the trashy side of Las Vegas. Keep Placer County’s freeways free of sky trash. JAKE O’ROURKE, Loomis