Reader Input: Cancer kids need cheering

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Thank you for writing such an awesome article on my grandson, Tristan Brusig, in your newspaper on Nov. 23 (“‘Star Wars’ characters visit ill child”). I want to especially thank the reporter, Anne Stokes, who was such a nice person and wrote such a great article on my grandson’s plight with Synovial Sarcoma cancer.

Cancer is affecting our children, at alarming rates. I always saw the commercials on TV, with the children they show at St. Jude’s and elsewhere, and always my heart went out to them. But it never hit home.

Not till now.

My grandson has been going through cancer treatments for six months, both chemo and radiation. It has been a long journey for him, but his spirits have always been high.

Both he and his daddy are heavily into Star Wars. Steve, the dad, is a member of the 501st Infantry Star Wars group.

It was awesome to see that his group came to cheer his son on! These people are just such an awesome group, and volunteer much of their time to efforts such as this, cheering up the children in the hospitals.

I thank them for coming to see a comrade, and helping him on. In addition, they made the day there for a lot of other kids, too! I heard many excited children talking about them and they were all super excited.

Thank you for putting these children’s experiences, and my grandson’s, in the news. Maybe one of these days there will be no cancer — especially in children.

Debra Bidelman, Lincoln