Reader has some suggestions for Kim’s Country Kitchen

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My neighbor, Bernie, and I were lunching on delicious low-fat buffalo burgers when I made a snorting sound. I was reading Bonnie Cap's dark words describing the decor of the very restaurant in which we were dining. I read her slaughterhouse fantasy twice and found that it's clearly not OK with Bonnie if others hold an opinion of which she does not approve. This type of rigid value system certainly brings needless pressure to our community and our future. Her colorful passion of unbridled, confident judgement has moved me. Now I have a bond with the country kitchen. Her dogma was inspiring. I will be asking Kim to consider announcing order up with a duck or moose call ... not the boring little bell. Also, I wish that I had a closet full of animal costumes; there is some respectful celebrating to be done, with placards. Soon, I am certain people will be smiling as they wait for seating, at the now-famous Kim's Country Kitchen. P.S. I'm looking for a good recipe for lamb shanks. Earl Mentze, Sheridan