Reader endorses Ferreira to be there for important issues

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As the Nov. 2 elections draw near, I would like to encourage everyone to recognize the importance of re-election of Alex Ferreira to the Placer County Water Agency, District 2 board. His commitment to this county and the people served by the Placer County Water Agency is unequalled. Having been a lifelong resident and rancher in the county, Ferreira knows the needs of the people he serves and will continue to safeguard those interests for the betterment of Placer County. With important issues coming up before the board soon (re-licensing of the Middle Fork Project), it is critical that the experience and dependability of Mr. Ferreira be there to guide the process. With all the candidates we see running for office for all the wrong reasons … supplementing their income in a bad economy or trying to seize lifetime health benefits for themselves, it’s nice to know that we can still rely on a man like Alex Ferreira to represent us for all the right reasons. Joanne Dietz, Lincoln