Reader doesn’t approve of Measure J

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Western Placer Unified School District currently has $287 million in school bond construction debt —taxpayers of Lincoln still owe approximately $10 million for a past school construction bond, over the next 30 years Foskett Ranch will be paying $177 million for school construction Mello-Roos bonds, and Lincoln Crossing is paying, over the next 40 years, $100 million in school construction Mello-Roos bonds. Now Western Placer Unified School District wants yet another $163 million for school construction bonds that our children will be paying back, by higher taxes, 40 years from now. Whether it is in Washington DC, in Sacramento, or right here in Western Placer Unified School District, the underlying philosophy of our government is the same: tax, spend, borrow and shove mountains of debt upon our children. Our families and businesses must live within their means, why can’t our government? Why do we continue the spending spree only to hand the bill to our children, who will be forced to pay with higher taxes? Is this fair to them? We are told our children deserve Measure J. Don’t our children really deserve a debt free future? For our children, vote no on the Measure J bond debt/ tax increase. Ken Campbell, Lincoln