Reader doesn’t appreciate court story on veteran

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I am deeply disappointed in an Aug. 12 article, located on page A12. You have slandered the name and reputation of a veteran of the United States, Bud Duncan. You have implied in this article that he is guilty before the proper channels of the military have had a chance to hear this case. This is a sample of sloppy journalism at the least and a major injustice to the members of the Duncan family. This premature reporting is gossip and like feathers in the wind it will be difficult to recapture the damage to this fine man and his family should he be found innocent. Has anyone asked if he may have been involved in covert activity, where records are not kept? There may be a very good explanation for lapses in his file. Those questions aside, I am very saddened by this bold and slanderous accusation of our fellow neighbor and veteran, so much so I will not be renewing my subscription. Mary Ann Hutchinson, Lincoln