Reader critical of Hydrick's July column

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After attending a good number of City Council meetings, I was of the view that Gabriel Hydrick?s most obvious weakness was his inability to speak in coherent sentences to convey a well-reasoned thought. However, maybe one needs to have a well-reasoned thought to speak coherently? Upon reading his column last week (July 12, Page A5, ??.that my child may have peace!?) I am now of the opinion that his writing is his most obvious weakness. It?s pure gibberish at best. The article lacks focus, facts and flow, to say the least. The overall article structure is weak, if not nonexistence. And, what is his hang-up on ?prime numbers??yikes. He knows nothing of ?great political questions,? let alone solutions. What was the message he was trying to convey? I have read many high school papers that would put his work to shame. So Gabe, go to the local library (even though it has limited hours) and check out the book ?Elements of Style? by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White. Read the book carefully. Although it won?t cure your problem overnight, if you study it and apply some of their good thoughts and suggestions, your writing skills may improve marginally. Until then, stop talking and certainly stop writing. Bob Martin, Lincoln