Reader chooses cars over wife Reader chooses cars over wife Reader chooses cars over wife Reader chooses cars over wife

Click and Clack column
By: Tom and Ray Magliozzi
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Dear Tom and Ray, I collect cars from companies that have gone out of business. So far, I have a 1950 Studebaker, a 1950 Hudson, a 1950 Packard, a 1960 Desoto and a 1960 Edsel. My wife says, ?Get rid of them or I will get rid of you.? What should I do? I love these cars more than my wife and I am willing to move out and find a five-car garage somewhere and just sleep on a cot with the cars. Please advise. ? Ron TOM: I don?t know what you want from us, Ron. I think you?ve answered your own question. RAY: You love your old cars more than you love your wife. That?s kind of pathetic but at least you?re honest with yourself. TOM: So, our advice is to keep turning the pages of today?s paper until you get to the apartment listings and look for that rarest of listings: the studio apartment with a five-car garage. RAY: That?ll be your temporary housing. When your wife gets the cars in the divorce and sells them for scrap metal, you can move into a more comfortable one-bedroom. TOM: Or perhaps you?ll think better of this plan and consider a compromise, like storing the cars ?off site? and visiting them when you?re lonely. Good luck, Ron.