Rangers roll over Rocklin in Tourney

Isola, Munch, rout Cardinals in TOC opener
By: Travis Deuerling, Lincoln High Journalism Student
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The Lincoln Rangers are dominating the Little League Majors; with 16 wins this season and only two losses, they are ranked No. 1 among Lincoln Little League teams and have proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Their opening District 11 Tournament of Champions game against the Rocklin Cardinals only further reinforced their dominance. The game was held at Twin Oaks Park, Rocklin, June 20, and was a smashing success for the Rangers, with a winning score of 9-3. The game was decided by the Rangers in the top of the third inning, they scored four runs systematically, which when added to the run they scored in the first inning gave them an unshakable advantage on the Cardinals who had yet to score. By the fifth inning the game was near mercy, with a daunting 8-1 advantage for the Rangers. Although the Rocklin Cardinals did score two runs in the last inning, it wasn’t enough to save them from the heavy lead held by the Rangers. Pitcher Alex Isola, in addition to compiling a total of eight strikeouts throughout the first four innings, also scored the most for the Rangers when at bat. Isola made it home in every inning he batted scoring a total of four runs for the Rangers, nearly half the Ranger’s final score. Isola played solid and was instrumental to the Ranger’s victory. Although Isola scored the most for the team, catcher Danny Munch scored twice, and had one walk. Munch hit a homerun in the third inning and was the only player on either team to hit one in the game. Hopefully, The Lincoln Rangers can keep up their winning streak and remain a serious threat to the rest of the league for the remainder of the tournament.